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The following are some changes to the Rules of Golf taking effect January 1, 2019 that are expected to have the most impact on the game and to be of most interest to golfers. The items covered on this page are organized into eight categories, and within each individual item, you will find the main reasons for the change. 
Ball at Rest | Ball in Motion | Taking Relief | Areas of the Course 
Equipment | Playing a Ball | When to Play During a Round | Player Behavior |Local Rule

This Is Now In Effect for All Our Events

Example : On #1, a ball is hit out of bounds into the range. You can now go to the spot where you think it crossed over the fence, move to the spot where the rough and fairway meet, drop a ball as shown below. You are now lying 3 playing 4. This is the same stroke penalty had you gone back to the tee and re-hit.

Example : On #6, a ball is hit toward the trees on the right and cannot be found. Drop a ball where the fairway and rough meet at the approximate distance (no closer to the hole) where you believe the ball was lost (the tree). You now lie 3 hitting 4.

If you hit a provisional ball from the tee AND then determine it's lost or out of bounds the provisional ball is in play and this new Stroke and Distance rule DOES NOT apply. 

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